Week 24: Law of Least Effort

We have been given many incredible tools for self-direction in the past six months of the MKMMA course. I feel so much gratitude for the gifts and offerings I have received.

I am deeply appreciating the simplistic beauty of one of my favorites- our four new Law of Least Effort index cards that read as follows:

Law of Least Effort: Acceptance

  1. I will practice Acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

Law of Least Effort: Responsibility

  1. Having accepted things as they are, I will take Responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems. I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (and this includes myself). I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

Law of Least Effort: Defenselessness

  1. Today my awareness will remain established in Defenselessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

Applying the Law of Least Effort means living each day with:

  1. Acceptance
  3. Defenselessness

I extracted one of my daily affirmations from the Prayer of Forgiveness, “I am filled with Divine love, I am surrounded by One love.” My personal experience of this is significantly palpable when the Law of Least Effort is applied.

I easily float in the waters of Peace and Harmony when I practice Acceptance, take Responsibility and remain established in Defenselessness.


Week 23: Discovering My Workshop

Ever since I read Edina’s blog, What is the fuel which fires the imagination? https://edinamasterkey.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/week-21-what-is-the-fuel-which-fires-the-imagination/ I have been thinking about the phrase “… our imagination is our workshop….”

Although it was not clear at the time what it meant I added to my POA card, “Discover workshop.”

Still feeling challenged by visualizing, I realized I had at times in the past moved my hands to assist me while attempting to see something in my mind. I had a sense that my imagination workshop would turn out to be 3-dimentional.

My mother gave me a gorgeous silk rug that was displayed on her wall for many years as art. It is the most expensive furnishing I own.

It is now on the floor in my office, still treated like art- I walk around it rather than on it.

Today I was guided to step on to the rug. I heard I was to explore. With eyes closed I did so slowly allowing myself to fully appreciate the softness of the silk that caressed the bottom of each of my feet.

About 13 years ago I was consciously spending time every day “trying on” the energy or vibration of affluence. It was a fun practice that I had long since forgotten about until recently.

Standing on the rug of luxury I exhaled deeply into affluence. I felt my cells expand, and fill to satiation with affluence as I inhaled. I was then moved to move. I focused on being in the present moment, open and curious. What was I exploring? One moment I was riding a magic carpet, the next I was in walking meditation.

Palms turned out my hands outlined the inside walls of a structure, a workshop. I rotated to trace each wall, window and door. Light filled the room, a gentle breeze swept through. In front of the window there was a small desk, and a computer. Beyond the glass I saw incredible beauty. Opposite the window was a “wall of support” that had my back. Silence, movement and breath were the “tools” of my imagination workshop that I was given today. I look forward with great anticipation to time for further exploration.

Week 22a: The Realization of a Little Yellow Square

In September of 1997 I stepped off a plane in Lihue, Kauai and knew I had found my Home. It was my first and only visit of just 4 days that sufficiently fueled my burning desire to move some 5,000 miles from where I was living at the time. I have been blessed to reside on the Garden Island twice for a total of 10 years since that time. I have no doubt that no matter where I live for the rest of my days Kauai will always be Home to me.

On my last visit in 2014 I said a sorrowful goodbye to my precious dog Lilikoi who had been in the loving care of my ex since my return to the east cost in 2012. I was fortunate to be comforted by the feeling of her spirit wrapped around my neck and shoulders like a familiar cozy blanket just minutes after her final exhale. She kept me company, steadying my heart for about a day.

I spent the following month in mourning deeply missing her physical presence before I was able to feel her with me in spirit again. Now I feel her with me at all times.

Even still for a long time I couldn’t imagine returning to the island without her there to greet me at the airport as she always did with more enthusiasm than imaginable for a body so tiny. In fact I have not been back since.

On my movie poster there is a little yellow square that says Kauai 2017. Months ago I added to my POA the words Kauai immersion. This translated into rerecording all of my recordings with my favorite Hawaiian music in the background, so as to hear it every day. I peppered my subby by purposefully placing visual things (photos, heart shaped coral from a favorite beach, a knit lei) in my path so I would be reminded of home everywhere I look.

At first I noticed some resistance. There was a large part of me that longed to go but another part of me that felt residual sadness. The desire grew stronger quickly. When the crystal prism hanging in my window reflected rainbows all over my office I smiled and thought of Kauai. I began dancing hula to the Hawaiian background music on my recordings. When I was not listening to my recordings I found myself singing Hawaiian songs.

Recently I was blessed to receive a plane ticket as a gift! My flight is booked and I am SO excited for my 19 day actual immersion beginning May 21st.

Which leaves me with the unanswered question- now what shall I place in the little yellow square?

Week 22: Silence

A couple years ago I crafted a vision board. It was filled with some pictures and many more words such as “inner alignment”, “well being”, “be easy”, “relaxed”, “life in balance”, “tranquility”, “sanctuary”, “journey within”, “spirituality”, “give love”, ”embrace being me”, and “days of silence.” When I replaced the vision board with my movie poster, I noticed that many of the desires on my vision board had been or were being realized. During the webinar on Sunday I remembered the vision I had for experiencing days of silence, which I had been craving but had yet to gift myself. I was so delighted for this assignment!

From 10 pm on Monday until 3:30 pm on Wednesday my phone was on airplane mode. I woke Tuesday morning happy to be disconnected. I decided to focus on being as present as possible as I read my DMP and POA, showered, drank my tea, read my blueprint builder and Master Key outside in the sun, fed the chickens, prepared and ate my lunch, cleaned the dishes, exercised, cleaned the bathroom, Sat, and washed my clothes. My mind wandered a lot, but I was able to bring it back to the now noticing- the moist warmth of the steam on my face rising from my tea cup, the softness of the water on my hands while washing the dishes, the flavor of each ingredient in a bite of my lunch, and the pleasure my feet experienced contacting the yoga mat.

I confess that I did talk (a little bit) to my animals and to myself. I knew I did this, but I didn’t realize how much! I did work on curbing it, which in the case of communicating with my animals was fun. It was very clear they didn’t need my words to know it was time to go out or eat.

The house filled with various sounds at 4pm. I waved hello and hugged my family. One of my biggest surprises was how much I enjoyed preparing dinner in Silence with company. When I am not listening and talking to others while cooking, I frequently play my recorded DMP, POA, and affirmations. It was lovely to just share quiet space in the kitchen. Dinner was eaten by candlelight next to the fire. As the day waned my mind grew more still. I felt an incredible sense of peace and calm. It was as if I had traveled back to a simpler place in time.

I was grateful for additional hours of Silence today. I hoped to go deeper into something I knew was important that I had just scratched the surface of during my Sit yesterday.

I was struggling with Haanel’s suggestion to make a mental image of physical perfection in my mind. I realized that doubt was in play especially in the areas of my body where I have had injury, in particular my neck. Today I was having discomfort in my neck during the Sit so I took the opportunity to revisit what was happening in my life 21 years ago around the time of a car accident. During the hour long Sit, I felt so much gratitude for the many helpers non-physical and physical, strangers and friends who were with me that day. I kept saying “Thank you! Thank you!” as I remembered all the support. “Thank you cells”, I told my millions of repair cells, “I thank each and every one of you!” “I see your physical perfection”, I said to my neck. I could picture the cells of my neck dancing in response to being seen. The burning feeling in my neck slowly shifted into a warm sensation which finally melted and completely released. My neck exclaimed “Thank you for seeing me as perfect!”

It is not that uncommon for me to quietly spend hours on end when alone. Last night I was told it felt awkward to be with me in Silence. Today I was thrilled to hear my partner say what a pleasant evening it turned out to be! I had been thinking I would love to incorporate 24 or more hours of Silence in to our lives once a month and today it was suggested to me. (Without my saying a word! :))

Week 21: I Believe

For many years I have known that I have an overactive sympathetic nervous system. I can feel a low level of tension in my muscles when I get still, which is just below my conscious awareness and ever present. It is especially obvious when I receive a massage. Even though I invite relaxation throughout the massage by breathing deep breaths it is not until about 10 minutes before the session is over that my body really lets go and sinks into the table.

When I pay attention I can observe this contracting when I am doing simple tasks such as washing the dishes. Upon offering a suggestion to my body to release a softening will occur for a moment. I may notice tension and release it 10 times during the course of brushing my teeth.

A few weeks ago when I tuned in to this during a Sit I realized staying in fight or flight mode was getting in my way of being the free flowing channel I would like to be. It was clogging up the path of Universal Mind. I was revisiting lesson 14 in The Master Key so my Sit that day was focused on Harmony. I was soon immersed in the essence or vibration of Harmony. It was beautiful!

In this vibration my head tingled- my body was open. I experienced Harmony to be a place where there is no pressure and nothing to resist or protect myself from. It is a safe place of no shoulds or judgments. I heard “Co-creating comes easily in Harmony. It is okay to relax and let go of control. Harmony is a no stress zone- a no worry about time zone. It is timelessness.” Immediately my right shoulder released.

Observing my holding more regularly in order to become more relaxed more of the time became a bigger priority.

Last week my family enjoyed a vacation in the snow while I was blessed with a quite house for 5 days. I noticed on the 3rd day that I was experiencing a level of relaxation that I had not felt to that extent since I could not remember when. Coupled with my recent practice of asking the question “What’s next?” (a variation of the question, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”) I was in the flow! Since their return I have been able to maintain a level of relaxation while I continue to Co-create with ease in Harmony. I believe in miracles! Do you?

Week 20: The Next Step

In The Power of Vulnerability, Brené Brown speaks of our culture of deep scarcity. I resonated with her example that we think to ourselves in the morning “I didn’t get enough sleep” before our feet hit the floor. She goes on to say that our last thought as our head hits the pillow is “I didn’t get enough done.”

I have been told that when I was a baby I slept during the day and was up at night. I relish these sacred late hours when the world around me is quiet and I can burn the midnight oil in peace and solitude. I have developed a habit of squeezing every moment out of a day, using the wee hours to complete a thing or things I had yet to accomplish. This is my way of going to bed (sometimes as late as 3:30 am) feeling I did all I could do.

As part of my Personal Pivotal Need of True Health in my DMP I have described waking deeply rested. That never happens with my current erratic schedule. I have been playing with going to bed early for some time now with varying degrees of success. This week I finally realized it was time to obtain some specialized knowledge and come up with a plan of action that had substance to it.

I like the word ritual so using that word to frame my nighttime routine was most pleasing. I decided to commit to not only not looking at a screen an hour before bed but also dimming the lights to lovingly allow my body to produce the melatonin it naturally makes to support my rest and rejuvenation. Without the artificial lights I have been surprised to find how utterly exhausted I am. I have been yawning as early as 9:30 pm! I read that setting a bedtime schedule and sticking to it was a key factor in a successful sleep routine, so reluctantly I chose 10 pm as my time to turn in and lower the lights.

Last week I received The 5 Minute Journal as a gift. I transitioned into using it before bed as it encourages the writing down of both 3 gratitudes and 3 amazing things that happened today. I have appreciated the happiness amplified in my life through daily feeling grateful and reflecting on a key moment. As I was running low on index cards- this gift came at the perfect time!

An essential oil blend in the diffuser for quieting my mind has been soothing and supportive.

I stumbled across the words “marinating the subconscious mind while we sleep” which refreshed my memory of a purpose of reading my DMP and POA before turning out the dimmed light.

I have been trying to find a guided relaxation/sleep meditation to listen to after “lights out” with no luck. Today when I figured out what I’ve been looking for- 15 minutes of calming music/sound with positive words spoken in a soft voice I realized I could record myself saying my affirmations in exactly this way!

It has been extremely helpful to both have a plan of action and a clear intention behind every action.

Haanel writes in 15:5, “We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have.” I am working on letting go of the attachment to the identity of night owl. This is painful as it is something I have been tenaciously clinging to for dear life for my whole life!

The upside of going to bed earlier has resulted in getting 1-4 more hours of sleep (obtaining what I lack) each night. However, I am not to the point where the additional sleep feels like enough. I have yet to manifest waking deeply rested.

The many “extra” hours I am now missing at night has meant not only have I left things unfinished- I have also not prepared in advance for the next day. I have been feeling a bit of I didn’t get enough done ironically not when my head hits the pillow but upon waking. I am initially in a bit of a panic feeling I am behind the eight ball and I don’t have enough hours in my day ahead to catch up. What a way to start the day! Fortunately I am able to use the law of substitution to shift into a place of peace rather quickly.

I am one of those people who want to live a long life but have not been taking the best care of my body. I have made great strides in meditating, eating healthier, and exercising. I know this is the next step. Right now I am feeling the millstones. It is not a comfortable step but I have come to see for me True Health is about loving and valuing myself. I am not interested in crushed wheat. I know this discomfort is a natural part of the journey and flour is on its way!

Week 19: The Way In

As far back as I can remember exercise has been at best uninteresting to me. I disliked gym in school, and participated just enough to get by. In my late 20’s a friend and yoga teacher introduced me to a gentle style of yoga that I was able to embrace.

After a car accident I returned to the studio but I was never able to break through the emotional pain that I felt when I came face-to-face with my physical setbacks. A few weeks later I quit, never to return again.

Years later, pain in my feet and ankles when I was barefoot led to setting Hula dancing aside. Eventually I was fitted for orthodics and was able to move without pain again, but just knowing that exercise is good for me has never been enough to get me going. In fact I lost 32 pounds last year expecting that at some point I would have to give in and exercise- but I managed to accomplish it without the dreaded “e” word.

I was not ready to add it into the happiness progression when it was first suggested. I tried for a few days- then paused. I gave it another go- then stopped. Finally I devoted a spot in my office to roll out my very dusty blue rectangular (True Health) yoga mat. I got the ball rolling by choosing just 3 poses to do in 10 minutes or so.

Each week when I add an action to my POA card I evaluate if any of the actions on the card need to be tweaked in anyway. Lovingly listen to my body has remained on the card for about 6 weeks even though I have rarely been doing it. I decided to give it one last chance this week.

In August of 2016, I was practicing listening to my body and feeling good about it when I broke my foot. You might think this would give me all the more opportunity to listen. I was deflated and I shelved the listening project. Today I realized that this is probably why I have resisted listening recently. Since then I have been linking listening to injury.

So what shifted? I woke with a pain in my neck. I couldn’t think of any thing I did the day before to cause it. Perhaps I did it in my sleep? For a change I started my day on the yoga mat. My neck was asking for attention- so I listened. It wanted to be stretched this way and NOT that way. After more of this, it wanted some of that. A door in my mind opened. These movements were all yoga moves that my body remembered and easily retrieved from my time in the studio. My friend had put together a book of poses for me. I have moved so many times in the 22 years since that class- I was not sure if it was on the shelf with my books or if I just imagined it there. I found it and brought it back to my mat. On the spot I added two more poses to my yoga routine. All because I listened to my body– I had now painlessly doubled the amount of exercise I was getting.

Later during a Sit I heard, “ You have made things so complicated.” With this- I felt so much energy release in the back of my head and neck. Then I got, “Listen to your body. That is your ONE job today.”

The trajectory of my day dramatically changed from that moment forth. It was not a day I had planned to do nothing. In fact, I had a decent sized list of things I had intended to accomplish. I was Sitting in the path of the sun streaming through my window. My mind said, “Look at the list!”, followed by, “Stay in the sun!” I was about to listen to my mind when I realized I had to ask if my body wanted that. YES! A book I had been wanting to read was sitting on a table within reach. After 10 minutes of reading the sun disappeared and I asked what did my body want now?

A gentle game of tug of war was played between my mind and my body all day long. I had to keep reminding my mind that I had just ONE job and it was to listen to my body. Periodically I looked at my list and asked if my body wanted to do any of the things on it. At times a nice dance between mind and body occurred. My body would say it was time to go eat. My mind would respond is there anything on the list you could do on your way to or from the kitchen? Many things were accomplished when they agreed.

Deep listening changed not only what I did, but also how I did it. When in the process of preforming a task I would check in. My mind very much wanted to get it done, feel the satisfaction of checking it off the list, and move on to the next thing. My body was interested in being comfortable in the doing. That meant at times adjusting my position, slowing down, and more than once stopping (and resting) in the middle of the task. My ONE job is to listen I kept reminding myself. It is NOT the doing or accomplishing anything but listening that counts.

My mind really likes to be in control, thinks it knows what is best, and doesn’t really care to hear another voice/vote.

Being in the present moment through listening to my body was not easy, but it was pleasurable. (As an added bonus at the end of the day most of my list was complete).